MIT Media Lab offers research position to Bassel Khartabil

Bassel Khartabil

Press Contact

Alexandra Kahn
Phone: 617-253-0365
MIT Media Lab

The MIT Media Lab has announced that it has offered Syrian open source developer Bassel Khartabil a research scientist position in the Media Lab's Center for Civic Media.

In this position, which would be effective immediately, Khartabil would work with the center’s director, Principal Research Scientist Ethan Zuckerman, on projects that make Syria’s history accessible to the world, including a digital 3-D reconstruction of ancient Palmyra, one of the sites raided and destroyed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Bassel Khartabil has a brilliant career as a software developer and an open source advocate. He has developed powerful content management systems and frameworks for open source online publishing. He has been a leading figure in building Syria’s chapter of Creative Commons, and a visible and vocal proponent for open source software and the power of online tools.

Topics: Media Lab, Center for Civic Media, Staff, Open source, Middle East, School of Architecture and Planning


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