Hoax email to MIT students claimed classes were canceled today

The sender, an individual pretending to be President Reif, has apologized

Shortly after 1 a.m. today, an email supposedly from President L. Rafael Reif, and purporting to being addressed to the entire MIT community, was sent to many MIT students. That email was not in fact sent by President Reif, but by an individual pretending to be him.

The email stated that President Reif had decided to cancel classes today. The email was a hoax: classes are not canceled, and the Institute will operate as usual today.

The Tech, MIT’s student newspaper, posted news of the hoax in the early hours of today. The Tech’s coverage includes an apology from the individual who sent the email.

After 4 a.m., Vice President and Secretary of the Corporation Kirk Kolenbrander emailed all students to confirm that the email was a hoax and that classes would take place as scheduled.

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