Redesigned with you in mind: IS&T unveils its responsive website

The URL is the same — — but the Information Services & Technology (IS&T) website has been redesigned from the ground up. It’s now equally responsive to users and their devices.

At your service

IS&T provides a wide range of IT services to the MIT community — so wide that searching for services hasn’t always been intuitive. In the redesigned website, categories, content and cross references have all been defined by community members.

The result is a new Service Catalog, available from the IS&T homepage under the Our Services section. There are a few ways to access this catalog.

  • Hover over Our Services to see a mega menu of the most popular categories — from Accounts & Passwords to Web, Data and Servers. Once you choose a category, you’re presented with a bulleted list of services;
  • Click on Our Services and three tab options let you view IS&T services by category, in an A-to-Z list, or by audience (affiliates, faculty, staff, and students);
  • Type a keyword or words in the search field to get results from both the IS&T website and the Knowledge Base (formerly known as Hermes).

Each IS&T service now has its own page with a standard format that includes summary information, who the service is available to, benefits, key features, requirements, getting started and contact information.

By popular demand

The IS&T homepage features the department’s most popular offerings front and center. There are five color-coded main sections, with hover (mega menu) or click options:

  • Getting Started with IT
  • Our Services
  • Software and Hardware
  • Secure Computing
  • About IS&T

Directly below these are the Get Help section and a seasonal section with timely content, such as Get Software at the start of a semester.

Scroll down and you can quickly click to get your annual certificate for secure web services at MIT. You can also view the Top 5 Q&As from the Knowledge Base, the status of campuswide services, and training options.

The homepage wraps up with the latest IS&T headlines and calendar highlights.

Responsive design

The IS&T website has been redesigned with MIT users in mind — a responsiveness that’s even tailored to the computer or device you’re using. The website displays a user-friendly format on any device, whether you’re browsing on a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, such as the iPad or Kindle Fire, or a mobile phone.

You can see a quick demonstration of this responsiveness when you view the website on a desktop computer: as you narrow the browser window, the site moves from three columns to two columns, typical for a tablet, to one column, the optimal layout for mobile phones.

IS&T encourages you to explore its redesigned website from your office or home or while you’re out and about. If you have questions or comments, send mail to

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