Education Across Borders: The India Perspective

Rickshaw drivers in India are frequent victims of tuberculosis after
just a few years inhaling traffic fumes. This near-epidemic went
unacknowledged until Kapil Sibal demanded a solution. The
fix, now gaining traction across the country, is a solar-powered
vehicle that eliminates pedaling. But what began as a project to assist
his nation’s afflicted rickshaw drivers has broadened into a much
grander scheme in Sibal’s hands. Project 800 is a government
venture to apply science and technology to better the lives of India’s
800 million citizens facing a multitude of hardships.

"Can you provide solutions for Indian problems by research in the US? I
doubt it. The site of research must shift to where the problem exists."
— Kapil Sibal

Presented by Global MIT
The B&K Securities MIT India Forum

Topics: Global Education and Career Development, Globalization, India, Sustainability, Technology and society


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