Public Service Center awards

Best New Service Project
- The MIT Brain Trust

Group Service Leadership Award
- The Society for Women Engineers

Living Service Award
- Alpha Tau Omega and Next House

Philanthropy Award
- The MIT Cancer Society

Service Leadership Award--for outstanding inspiration and dedication in community service
- Kristen Bethke G, Richmond, VA
- Rany Woo 2008, Fayetteville, NC

Public Service Fellowship (Summer 2006)
- Fawah Akwo 2008, EECS, Limbe, Cameroon
- Jessica Ariel Kasloff Berman G, urban studies and planning, Newton, MA
- Laurel Braitman G, science, technology and society, Somerville, MA
- Elaine Chow G, management, Oklahoma City, OK
- Elizabeth Clay G, urban studies and planning, Boston, MA
- Jamira Cotton 2008, chemical engineering, Longview, TX
- Denis Daly G, EECS, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
- Stephane Essama 2008, aero-astro, North Potomac, MD
- Jin Kim 2006, materials science and engineering, Maple Glen, PA
- Jina Kim 2006, materials science and engineering, Burke, VA
- Eric Mibuari 2006, aero-astro, Laare, Kenya
- Josef Miler 2006, mechanical engineering, Colombus, OH
- Amy Mueller G, civil and environmental engineering, Mequon, WI
- Ling Ling Phung G, management, Warrenton, VA
- Vernella Vickerman G, chemical engineering, Dorchester, MA
- Alia Whitney-Johnson 2008, CEE, Leicester, NC
- Cindy C. Wu G, urban studies and planning, Thousand Oaks, CA
- Patricia Zhong Zheng 2007, chemical engineering, South Pasadena, CA
- Jessica Vechakul G, mechanical engineering, New York, NY
- Alex Yip G, EECS, Massapequa, NY

Public Service Fellowship (IAP 2006)
- Anat Binur G, political science, New York, NY
- Emma Brunskill G, EECS, Edmonds, WA
- Vanessa Esch 2009, Vancouver, WA
- Sharlina Hussain 2007, political science, Saratoga Springs, NY
- Ammar Jiwaji 2009, Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania
- Kendra Johnson 2009, Madison, WI
- Naoto Kanehira G, management, Toyama, Japan
- Varsha Keelara 2007, biology, St. Louis, MO
- Karen Law 2007, brain and cognitive sciences, Stony Brook, NY
- Lillian Lew-Hailer G, urban studies and planning, Brookline, MA
- Nikhil S. Nadkarni 2007, management, Lexington, MA
- Holly Elizabeth Owens 2007, EAPS, Keene, NH
- Ling Ling Phung G, management, Warrenton, VA
- Froylan Sifuentes 2008, chemical engineering, Hidalgo, Mexico
- Shyamli Sinha 2007, brain and cognitive sciences, Racine, WI
- Angelica G. Weiner 2009, Marlboro, NJ
- Amos Winter G, mechanical engineering, Chesterfield, NH

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 7, 2006 (download PDF).

Topics: Awards, honors and fellowships, Volunteering, outreach, public service


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