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The Lincoln Lab's Flight Facility Team received an Excellence Award for Serving the Client: Providing Consistent and Exceptional Service. <a onclick="MM_openBrWindow('awards-ex-lincoln-enlarged.html','','width=509, height=583')">
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Innovative Solutions--collaborating for results
- David J. O'Connor, MIT Police
- Mary Weisse, Information Services & Technology
- Lincoln SAP Catalog Project Team, Administrative Services Department and Lincoln Fiscal Office
- VERA Leadership Team, Libraries

Fostering Community--making MIT a great place to work
- Marilyn A. Pierce, EECS
- Lynn A. Roberson, Student Support Services
- Getfit@mit Team, MIT Medical and Information Services & Technology

Bringing Out the Best--leading others through change
- Susan Rae Cohen, Office of the Arts
- Stephen D. Immerman, Office of the Dean for Student Life

Creating Connections--serving our communities
- Cheryl Vossmer, MIT Police
- Working Group Recycling Committee, Working Group for Support Staff Issues

Serving the Client--providing consistent and exceptional service
- Chester Beals, Lincoln Information Systems Division
- Anne M. Hunter, EECS
- Sheila M. Kanode, School of Engineering
- Lincoln Flight Facility Team, Tactical Systems Technology

Unsung Hero--working behind the scenes
- Robert Burns, Lincoln Labs Communications & Information
- Joanne Flood, Academic Media Production Services
- Vicki S. McKenna, EAPS
- Tanis R. Teich, MIT Sloan School of Management

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 7, 2006 (download PDF).

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