Corporation names 14--including Vest

Gordon Binder

The MIT Corporation, the Institute's board of trustees, elected three life members--including outgoing President Charles M. Vest--and 11 term members at its quarterly meeting on June 4. Dana G. Mead, chair of the Corporation, announced the election results.

All memberships are effective July 1 except that of Vest, who will begin his term after he ends his duties as president. At that point, the Corporation will consist of 74 distinguished leaders in education, science, engineering and industry, 22 of them life members. An additional 33 individuals are life members emeriti, participating in meetings but without a vote.

Linda Sharpe (S.B. 1969), senior associate at Cambridge Systematics, Inc., is the 2004-05 president of the Association of Alumni and Alumnae of MIT. A Corporation member since 2000, she serves on the mechanical engineering and Dean for Student Life visiting committees and is a Black Alumni of MIT life member. Sharpe received MIT's Bronze Beaver Award in 1999 and the Harold E. Lobdell Distinguished Service Award in 1996.

Newly elected Corporation members are:

Gordon Binder

Managing director, Coastview Capital, LLC
Term: Five years (Corporation member since 2000)
Education: B.S. 1957 (Purdue), M.B.A. 1962 (Harvard)
Current MIT activities: Corporation Committee on the Presidency; Corporation Membership Committee; visiting committees for chemical engineering (chair since 2000), Biological Engineering Division

John Krob Castle

Chair and CEO, Castle Harlan, Inc.
Term: Life membership (Corporation member since 1995; previous term 1987-92)
Education: S.B. 1963 (MIT), M.B.A. 1965 (Harvard)
Current MIT activities: Campaign Steering Committee; Corporation Development Committee; visiting committees for economics and physics
MIT honors: Henry B. Kane '24 Award (1993), Corporate Leadership Award (1980), Founding Life Sustaining Fellow (1979)

Morris Chang

Chair, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.; president and chair, Industrial Technology Research Institute
Term: Five years (Corporation member since 1999)
Education: S.B. 1952, S.M. 1953, M.E. 1955 (all from MIT), Ph.D. 1964 (Stanford)
Current MIT activities: Visit-ing committees for economics and mechanical engineering

Gururaj "Desh" Deshpande

Founder and chair, Sycamore Networks, Inc.
Term: Five years (Corporation member since 2000)
Education: B. Tech. 1973 (Indian Institute of Technology), M.S. 1975 (University of New Brunswick), Ph.D. 1979 (Queens University)
Current MIT activities: Corporation Membership Committee; visiting committee for materials science and engineering (chair since 2003)

Carleton S. Fiorina

President and CEO, Hewlett-Packard Co.
Term: Three years
Education: B.A. 1976 (Stanford), M.B.A. 1980 (University of Maryland), S.M. 1989 (MIT)

Anita K. Jones

Lawrence R. Quarles Professor of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia
Term: One year
Education: A.B. 1964 (Rice), M.A. 1968 (University of Texas at Austin), Ph.D. 1973 (Carnegie Mellon)
Current MIT activities: Lincoln Laboratory Advisory Board member

Robert B. Millard

Managing director, Lehman Brothers Inc.
Term: Five years (Corporation member since 2003)
Education: S.B. 1973 (MIT), M.B.A. 1976 (Harvard)
Current MIT activities: Corporation Development Committee; Corporation Development Committee Advisory Group; visiting committees for physics and linguistics and philosophy

Paula J. Olsiewski

Program director, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Term: Five years (Corporation member ex officio in 2003-04; alumni nominee)
Education: B.S. 1975 (Yale), Ph.D. 1979 (MIT)
Current MIT activities: Alumni Association president (2003-04), Corporation Committee on the Presidency, ex officio; Corporation Joint Advisory Committee on Institute-wide Affairs ex officio; Corporation Development Committee; Corporation Development Committee Advisory Group; visiting committees for chemistry and Whitaker College
MIT honors: Bronze Beaver Alumni Award (2000), Henry B. Kane '24 Alumni Award (1995)

Sanjay K. Rao

Program manager, Microsoft Corp.
Term: Five years (nominee from recent classes)
Education: S.B. 2002 and M.Eng. 2003 (both from MIT)
MIT activities: President of the Class of 2002 (1998-2000); president, MIT ACM and IEEE chapters (1999-2002); Eta Kappa Nu Honor Society, 2001-02
MIT honors: Course VI Special Recognition Award (2002)

Milton H. Roye

Vice president for sales and engineering, Weidmann Plastics Technology N.A., Inc.
Term: Five years
Education: S.B. 1979 (MIT), M.B.A. 1983 (Harvard)
Current MIT activities: Mechanical engineering visiting committee; educational counselor
MIT honors: Bronze Beaver Award (2001), Harold E. Lobdell '17 Distinguished Service Award (1991)

Martin Y. Tang

Asia chair, Asia, Spencer Stuart
Term: Five years
Education: B.S. 1970 (Cornell), S.M. 1972 (MIT)
Current MIT activities: Sloan School visiting committee.
MIT honors: Founding Life Sustaining Fellow (1979)

Susan E. Whitehead

Vice chair, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
Term: Life membership (Corporation member since 1997)
Education: B.S. 1976 (Cornell), J.D. 1982 (Yeshiva University)
Current MIT activities: life board member, Whitehead Institute; Corporation Membership Committee; Corporation Committee on the Presidency; visiting committees for biological engineering (chair since 2002), biology, brain and cognitive sciences, Whitaker College

Barrie R. Zesiger

Founding partner and managing director, Zesiger Capital Group LLC
Term: Five years (Corporation member since 1999)
Education: B.A. 1967, J.D. 1974 (both from Stanford)
Current MIT activities: Corporation Committee on the Presidency; Executive Committee; visiting committees for brain and cognitive sciences (chair since 2000), Dean for Undergraduate Education

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