Samuels and Van Evera will head Center for International Studies


Dean Philip S. Khoury has announced the appointment of Professor Richard J. Samuels as director and Professor Stephen Van Evera as associate director of the MIT Center for International Studies, effective July 1.

Professor Samuels, founding director of the MIT Japan Program and head of the Department of Political Science from 1992-1997, is the Ford International Professor of Political Science. His most recent book, Rich Nation, Strong Army, won the 1996 John Whitney Hall Prize as the year's best book on East Asia. He replaces Professor Kenneth Oye of political science, a specialist on international political economy and American foreign policy, who was director of the center since July 1992.

Professor Van Evera will take on the new position of associate director of the center. He is an associate professor of political science and a specialist on international security and American foreign policy. His most recent book, Causes of War, was published last year by Cornell University Press.

The Center for International Studies, founded in 1951, is one of the nation's leading research centers on theoretical and applied international studies. It is home to the MIT Security Studies Program and to the MIT Science and Technology Initiative which provides internship training programs for scientists and engineers in China, Japan, Italy, France, India and Germany. The Center's Seminar XXI Program provides executive education in Washington DC for senior US defense and foreign affairs officials.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on October 4, 2000.

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