Students to honor Institute's veteran African-American staff, faculty

MIT's African-American student organizations will hold a tribute in Walker Memorial from 4:30-6pm on Tuesday, May 4 for 26 African-American staff and faculty who have more than 20 years of service to MIT and the black community.

The event will feature talks, jazz and food. It is free and open to the MIT community.

"We wish to show our gratitude and appreciation to and for those from our community who have 'weathered the storms' of being a person of color in a 'majority' environment which may not have always been kind or conducive to their mental, emotional, psychological, professional and spiritual well-being," the student organizations said. "These people have served the entire MIT community, rendering service that is truly worthy of recognition with respect to its longevity and its quality."

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April 28, 1999

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