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Midnight snack

Kathryn Willmore, vice president and secretary of the corporation, serves a pancake to freshman April A. Deet at the Final Exam Pancake Study Break in Lobdell from 10pm-midnight on Sunday. Professor of Music Ellen Harris (second from left) and Dean of Students and Undergraduate Education Rosalind Williams (second from right) were also among the members of the faculty and administration who turned out to serve pancakes on the night before final exams began. More than 1,000 students partook of the late-night pancakes at the event, which was suggested by Sgt. Cheryl deJong Vossmer of Campus Police "to let the students know we really care about making a difference for them," she said. Organizers hope to make the event -- supported by the President's Office and ODSUE and staffed by Aramark, ODSUE and MIT Campus Police -- an annual tradition.

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May 19, 1999

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