LCS hosts Gates and Gehry at 35th anniversary celebration

On April 12-14, the Laboratory for Computer Science (LCS) will celebrate 35 years of pioneering research and innovation at a two-day conference called "LCS35: Creating the Future World of Information." The event is expected to generate significant interest within the MIT and high-tech communities.

LCS35 will focus on future research directions of LCS members, including Oxygen, a new $38 million government-sponsored LCS research initiative.

Guests at the two-day event include Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, who will deliver a keynote address on "The Future of Software," and Tim Berners-Lee of the LCS's World Wide Web Consortium, who will speak on "The Future of the Web."

Other highlights of LCS35 include the unveiling of an "LCS Time Capsule of Innovations," which will be presented to architect Frank Gehry, who is designing the Ray and Maria Stata Center for Computer, Information and Intelligence Sciences at MIT; a panel on the topic of anonymous online communication with ACLU president Nadine Strossen, Scott Charney of the Department of Justice, and LCS students and faculty; and talks by former LCS members about their current and future research.

Emceeing the entire event will be LCS alumnus Robert Metcalfe, inventor of Ethernet. Other featured speakers include LCS Director Michael Dertouzos, and Professor Ronald Rivest (inventor of the commonly used RSA cryptographic system) and senior research scientistVictor Zue, both associate directors of LCS. The event kicks off with an opening reception at the Museum of Science the night of April 12.

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March 31, 1999

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