Swapfest planned for this Sunday

On Sunday, September 19, the radio clubs at MIT will hold a Swapfest in the Albany Street garage and parking lots. All manner of high-tech goodies from the latest in computers to antique radios and components can be bought, sold or traded.

"You can find all things nerdy at the Swapfest," said one veteran participant.

Several hundred vendors from all of New England will be exhibiting beginning at 9am. While the Swapfest runs to 2pm, organizers urge people to come early as the best bargains go quickly. Covered space is available for all.

Admissions is $4 per person with a $1 discount for MIT community members.

Sponsored jointly by the MIT Radio Society, the MIT Electronics Research Society and the MIT UHF Repeater Association, the Swapfest for ham radio/electronic enthusiasts is held monthly on the third Sunday of each month from April through October.

For more information or to reserve exhibitors space, call x3 3776.

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September 15, 1999

issue of MIT Tech Talk (Volume
44, Number

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