CU can help with course financing

The MIT Employees' Federal Credit Union reminds members that it offers a 6.5 percent, six-month loan of up to $3,000 to help members take greater advantage of their tuition assistance benefit.

The loan bridges the gap between course enrollment (when full tuition payment is normally due) and course completion, when most tuition assistance plans provide reimbursement. No loan payments are due until the end of the six-month term, when full payment is due.

To be eligible for the loans, members may be participants in any em-ployer's tuition assistance plan.

Joining the credit union requires the purchase of just one $5 share. Contact the credit union's Loan Department at x3-0090 or for information or an application.

A version of this
article appeared in the
April 14, 1999

issue of MIT Tech Talk (Volume
43, Number

Topics: Campus services

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