TCC to welcome 'terrible twos'

Beginning next September, TCC Eastgate will open a new classroom for children that range in age from two years to two years, nine months.

Children may be enrolled full-time (8am-5:30pm) two, three, four or five days a week; or part-time (8am-12:30pm), two, three or five days a week.

Applications for this program will be accepted when the child is 12 months old. Applications for the fall are being accepted now. Space is limited.

Applications are also being accepted for the 1993-94 preschool programs. For more information or application forms, call Olga Slocum, x3-5907.

A version of this
article appeared in the
May 12, 1993

issue of MIT Tech Talk (Volume
37, Number

Topics: Campus services

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