The programs and activities of the Undergraduate Education Office have been merged with those of the Office of the Dean for Student Affairs. To reflect the broader mission, the Undergraduate Academic Support Office has been renamed the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office, as a colorful bulletin board proclaims in the main corridor.

The UAAO, headed by Associate Dean Travis R. Merritt, has assumed responsibility for UROP, the Writing Requirement, ROTC, teaching development, curricular support and educational studies research. All of the staff members in those programs and activities remain the same, Professor Merritt said.

The activities complement the existing programs of the office which include R/O Week, IAP, Undergraduate Seminars, the Institute Colloquium, academic advising and study skills, and the Wellesley Exchange. Professor Merritt noted that the merged operation will enhance natural linkages such as those between UROP, IAP and the seminars.

A version of this
article appeared in the
March 11, 1992

issue of MIT Tech Talk (Volume
36, Number

Topics: History of MIT

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