McCoy Joins Police Force

The appointment of Lt. David W. McCoy to the Campus Police Department as head of the Special Services Division has been announced by Chief Anne P. Glavin.

As division head, Lt. McCoy will supervise all personnel and functions of the unit that coordinates investigations, VIP security and court liaison for the Campus Police Department.

Lt. McCoy joins MIT from the Metropolitan Police where he most recently was a detective in the warrant enforcement unit. He has held assignments in the criminal bureau, the attorney general's white collar crime unit and the special investigations office of the Governor's Auto Theft Strike Force. He is the recipient of many honors and awards for investigations and was the recipient of the Metropolitan Police Department's Medal of Valor in 1986.

Lt. McCoy holds a BS in criminal justice from Northeastern University and is working on a masters degree at Anna Maria College, Paxton, Mass. His appointment was effective December 23.

A version of this
article appeared in the
January 8, 1992

issue of MIT Tech Talk (Volume
36, Number

Topics: History of MIT

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