Hoult Named at Manufacturing Institute

Dr. David P. Hoult of mechanical engineering has been appointed co-director of the new MIT Manufacturing Institute.

Dr. Hoult has been associated with the Department of Mechanical Engineering since 1976 as a senior research associate. He was a faculty member in the department from 1967 to 1975, when he left MIT to found a consulting company in high-technology engineering and products in the automotive industry.

The Manufacturing Institute is an academic/industrial collaboration designed to facilitate the development of manufacturing research into real manufacturing practice. The Institute will serve as a research, development, and teaching organization for the education of engineering students. It received its initial funding from the National Science Foundation and is presently pursuing additional funding through a recruitment program of industrial partners.

The administration of the Manufacturing Institute also includes Professor Nam P. Suh, department head of mechanical engineering and co-director of the Institute, and Dr. Andre Sharon, executive officer. Dr. Sharon is a lecturer in mechanical engineering and associate director of the Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity.

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September 16, 1992

issue of MIT Tech Talk (Volume
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Topics: Administration

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