Rollerblades Banned in Buildings

Because of the increasing use of rollerblades by members of the campus community, and the inherent safety concerns raised by their use inside Institute buildings, a policy prohibiting rollerblading in MIT buildings, including parking structures, is effective immediately.

This policy is an extension of the prohibition against the use of skateboards and bicycles (or other similar transportation systems) inside MIT buildings.

Numerous complaints about the safety hazards and near-miss situations with speeding rollerbladers have been received by the Campus Police. Additionally, the Committee on Safety has heard complaints, examined the problem, and recommended the imposition of a fine in an effort to control violators.

The Institute Policy now states: "No member of the MIT community shall operate rollerblades, roller skates, skateboards, bicycles, or any other form of personal transportation system in Institute parking structures or buildings."

Beginning Spring Term Registration Day, January 28, 1993, a $25 fine will be instituted for violations of the policy.

Prior to the January 28 date at which time fines will imposed, the MIT Campus Police will warn violators and use this time period to educate the community about the hazards and safety issues involved.

Members of the MIT community are strongly encouraged to subscribe to the new policy immediately, thereby reducing the potential for accident or injury.

A version of this
article appeared in the
December 2, 1992

issue of MIT Tech Talk (Volume
37, Number

Topics: History of MIT

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